Road Map to Success

People applying for grants often get overwhelmed by the multitude of departments, and programs offering grants to Canadian businesses. Often they don't know how to apply, and end up surfing the web for grants that look appealing, and ultimately end up applying for programs they won't qualify for, or not even applying at all. They regularly conclude that they will have no chance of getting a grant and stop applying all together.
This mentality is wrong. Do not let yourself become discouraged. Applicants lose out on grant money for several common reasons:

Poor choice of grants
Unprofessional and half-hearted application
Searches that end in dead ends

Here are some Grant tips we've put together for you to read before you start your search:

Find the grant program that is right for you!

There are hundreds of programs out there, a lot of which tend to not suit your specific needs. Some programs are specialized, targeting specific business sectors. Those programs are real goldmines if your business fits into the particular category the program targets. You must follow up on these programs. Search for lesser known grant programs. There are many grant opportunities that you never even thought existed. Our resources can help you find the program that is right for you.

Apply Early and Often!

Find a good resource that will give you writing tips.
It's important that the things you do write down are clear, concise and readable. Our clients are offered many useful writing tips in our resources.
Find a reliable, centralized and up to date resource that will point you in the right direction and provide helpful input when needed.

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