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What is a grant?
A grant is a sum of money given to you or your business which does not have to be repaid. Most grants are conditional, meaning that the funds need to be used for the purpose that they were given. Many times this purpose is broadly defined. Grants can be used to purchase equipment, real estate, to advertise or to conduct a marketing/feasibility study as well as many other purposes.

What is a government loan and how does it differ from a conventional loan?
A government loan must be repaid just like any other loan. These loans are often given to individuals and businesses that would not qualify for a loan through a conventional financial institution. Government loans often have very low interest rates, or a period of time during which no interest is calculated. These loans often offer repayment terms over a long period of time. The government sometimes provides loans directly, and sometimes provides a loan guarantee to a conventional financial institution. Both types of loans can offer the same beneficial terms.

What is a tax refund or tax credit?
Tax refunds and tax credits provide funding for your businesses start-up and expansion by deducting certain expenses from your tax bill. Your business may apply for tax refunds for funds already spent, or receive tax credits on future projects. These tax breaks can increase your businesses cash flow allowing faster development then would otherwise be possible.

What is insurance against business risk?
The government can provide insurance for your company to cover risk associated with a specific goal or project. The premiums are usually low or negligible. If your company is unable to pay a loan that was linked to this insurance, your payments will be covered. This guarantee may allow you to borrow money that you otherwise would not qualify for.

What is a guaranteed government purchase of your product or service?
The government can guarantee to purchase your companies products or services. These types of programs create a certain fixed demand for your company’s products or services. These programs allow your company to focus on growth and efficiency, rather than marketing.

What are government information and services programs?
The government provides various programs, consulting and information services for small businesses at little or no cost. There is a large range of services available to new and existing businesses.

What is a conditionally repayable contribution?
A conditionally repayable contribution is an investment by the government in a business project, which do not have to be repaid if the project fails. These programs allow you to try new programs with much less personal risk. Essentially the government functions similarly to a venture capitalist.

What is equity financing?
Equity financing is a government investment in your business. The government will offer more flexible terms than private investors, or banks, as they have more time to realize their returns.


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