Information on Government grants, loans and funding for new and existing businesses.
The Centre can
help you get investment capital, venture capital, start-up funding, loans and grants to help your business grow and succeed.



Why would the government just “give” money away?
The government has always helped businesses. The government wants businesses to grow, hire people, and contribute to the growth of the economy. The more successful Canadian businesses are, the more successful the Canadian economy is. Billions of dollars are spent each year to support this in the form of grants, loans and many other programs. The government wants your business to succeed!

Why would I need your help, couldn’t I do this on my own, or hire a consultant?
We believe that the time involved in researching the hundreds of programs, and compiling the information will take more time and resources than many business people have available. Of course you could hire a financial consultant who could help you, but you must be prepared to spend thousands of dollars in fees without guarantee of success. Our program provides the information you need to achieve your goals.



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