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Who & Where?


Who gives out grants? 
Many agencies operate grant programs, including the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments. There are also private foundations and financial institutions that offer various programs that you or your business can apply to. 

Who can apply? 
There are programs available for Canadian citizens, companies, and not for profit groups. There are even some programs for people who arenít citizens or even residents of Canada. Basically anyone can apply to many programs. We can show which programs you may qualify for right now! Call us to find out how! 

Who will want to see my company books if I apply? / Do I risk being audited? 
There is no risk of this if you use the funds for the purpose they were allocated for. Make sure that you keep all the receipts and paperwork indicating this. The government may request for copies of these documents. 

What is the best way to get approved for a grant? 
The best way to get approved for a grant is to apply to as many of the programs as possible. We can show which programs you may qualify for and help get you started on your road to success! Call us now! 

Where can I find information about government grants for my business?  
Unfortunately the government doesnít keep a central list of all the grant opportunities that it provides. You could easily spend weeks of your time finding exactly what agency provides services that are right for you and your business. Another, more direct option, is to contact the Centre at

Call us to speak with one of our grants and loans representatives. Our highly trained staff is equipped to evaluate your businesses needs and can provide you with the information you are looking for almost immediately!


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